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¡An exemplary teenager!

Actualizado: 12 jun 2019

Anthony lives with his parents and is part of Lifting Hands since its inception, 7 years ago. For him, the foundation has helped him to work on his punctuality, to study and reinforce his knowledge, values ​​and with this to be able to spend the years of school and college, which he admits have been a challenge.

Having found in Lifting Hands volunteer teachers who have given you the confidence to arrive with math, English, French and Spanish queries has undoubtedly been reflected in your exam notes and in the joy of your mother seeing that your child aspires for having a different future from herself.

Since the foundation opened Jiu-Jitsu classes about four years ago, Anthony found his passion and has practiced it with great effort during all that time. He affirms that he would like to continue learning as much as possible about the sport, to improve every day, until it becomes a black belt. In addition, he feels motivated to continue studying and some power to have the opportunity to study the career of Electrical or Mechanical Engineering.

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