Who can be a volunteer?

Those interested in volunteering must be committed to giving their best; they must have a passion and desire to share their expertise and knowledge, and must be willing to give a minimum of an hour a week. While the program is voluntary, the commitment required is higher since the constancy and diligence to deliver courses and foster friendship-motivation requires a high sense of responsibility and dedication. Anybody can volunteer, especially if those who have an area of expertise or interest that they would like to teach or share with a needed community.

Type of volunteering

  • ACTIVE Volunteer: This type of volunteer is expected to complete one hour a week for a minimum of four months, depending on the subject matter and/or module chosen by the volunteer (English, computing, mate, tutoring or other).
  • ECONOMIC Volunteering: This type of volunteering is for people who do not have time but want to make a difference in the community and are willing to support and engage economically with a specific monetary amount defined by the volunteer.
  • TCU: Volunteering for students who must complete their communal university work , 150 hours.
  • CORPORATE Volunteering: Corporate volunteering is done by companies for projects , workshops or specific activities

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