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The Foundation

Lifting Hands aims to address two defining aspects of every empoverished communitiy:
  • Low academic performance of children of school age, due to the few hours they attend to school paired with the lack of adequate after school support to do their homework and answer questions.
  • Adults with low educational level which reduces their employment opportunities.
  • Few recreation opportunities within the community.
In the case of children, we therefore seek to create fun and motivating learning centers through volunteers who are passionate about transmiting what they know. Children are taught English, Computers and Mathematics and receive tutoring as well as sports and creative workshops.

In regards to adults, we aim to provide tools for success: we offer English and computer classes and we focus on creating employment opportunities via workshops such a as sewing, food manipulation and business where they are encouraged to create their own businesses.

All courses, workshops or tutorials are taught by volunteers who are committed for a minimum period of one semester.

We believe that education can change a person's mind and prepare them for a prosperous future but that only love can transform their hearts.

What is Lifting Hands?

Lifting Hands is a center for learning and motivation that impoverished community members can call home. It is a place volunteers share their time, expertise and experience with community members of all ages, developing strong bonds of friendship based on God's love.

Volunteers provide their support in one of four ways: 1.) Giving academic lessons (math, English and/or Computer lessons, etc); 2.) After-school tutoring; 3.) Career and Professional Training; 4.) Spiritual mentoring.

Who can be a volunteer?

Those interested in volunteering must be committed to giving their best; they must have a passion and desire to share their expertise and knowledge, and must be willing to give a lesson per week. While the program is voluntary, the commitment required is high since the constancy and diligence to deliver courses and foster friendship and motivation requires a high sense of responsibility and dedication.

Type of volunteering

ACTIVE Volunteer: This type of volunteer is expected to complete one hour a week for a minimum of four months, depending on the subject matter and/or module chosen by the volunteer (english, computer, math, tutoring, arts, sports).

PASSIVE Volunteering: This type of volunteering is for people who do not have as much time but want to make a difference in the community and are willing to support and engage economically with a specific monetary amount defined by the volunteer.

TCU: Volunteering for students who must complete their hours of university community work (150 hours).

CORPORATE Volunteering: Corporate volunteering is done by companies for specific on day projects, workshops or activities.

information about lifting hands


Improve the level of education of people in impoverished communities where solidarity is promoted via active and committed volunteers within a secure, amicable and safe place, wherein educational programs operate improving educational levels and emotional conditions and where creativity is stimulated and work opportunities are unlocked.


Create voluntary learning and support centers in impoverished communities throughout the country; we seek to motivate the community towards success and bring an end to the chains of stagnation and poverty by offering classes and workshops and creating a strong bond of friendship between volunteers and students where volunteers act as teachers, guides and advisors led by the love and hope of God.


Currently volunteers are giving English, Computer, Mathematics and Boxing classes. Other volunteers are providing Guidance, Mentoring, Business and Creativity Workshops for children and adults. Classes are one hour long and Workshops range from one to two hours, each is held at Lifting Hands Center located at the Anonos Community in EscazĂș.

Each volunteer must prepare their class beforehand and may use the Lifting Hands material. If they are giving academic classes they must base their lessons on the Ministry of Education guidelines, especially if the students are seeking to pass their exams. Although each volunteer must always abide by the Center's guidelines, he or she is free to choose the methodology and speed at which to go, as this can be subject to the group they are working with.

At the end of each quarter, students are awarded with an educational or recreational field trip activity where volunteers can learn more about their students and have some time to share, play and reflect on what they have learned.

At the end of each year the student receives a certificate of participation by Lifting Hands, depending on the courses they have completed and compliance with the rules of the center.

Schedules are re-organized every four months, as the availability and incorporation of volunteers usually varies with time.

Students who enroll in the modules and workshops must:
  • Perform tasks and hand in any homework or in class material for correction to the teacher.
  • Be punctual.
  • Not miss more than three classes in four months; otherwise they automatically loose the course.
  • Respect each other and follow the rules of the center.

Our Values

Love and hope

We believe that education can change our minds, but only love and hope can chafe our hearts.


We believe that everyone is worthy of respect regardless of gender, ethnicity, or nationality. Respect is the essence of human relationships.


We expect a high level of commitment from volunteers and students; we believe all things must be done with excellence, responsibility and motivation.


We promote human sensibility, attempting always to understand the reality and circumstances of the other, supporting them and not judging them.


We encourage all volunteers to let their knowledge flow and provide opportunities for other s to discover the gifts and/or talents they were born with but have never been able to explore. We seek to build a society with equal opportunities for all.


We hearten others every day, constantly and continually, through an interactive, personalized and fun education program.

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